Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box

  • Designed for Multi cat households under 15 pounds.
  • Extra high walls to keep waste inside the box and off the floor
  • Removable automatic rake for easy cleaning
  • Motion sensors that activate cleaning cycle, safety bar to stop rake in case of blockage
  • Dual Power Option that runs on current or 8 D batteries

Automatic rake keeps litterbox freshEliminate the Maintenance of Owning a CatThe LitterMaid LM980 Classic Self-Cleaning Litter Box is the perfect answer for the cat owner’s lifestyle. Work late or go on vacation, perfect for pregnant mothers, the elderly, or people with physical handicaps. The size of this box makes it ideal for households with multiple cats or larger cats (over 15 lbs). You will no longer have to constantly follow your cat to its litterbox and scoop up waste left behind because the LitterMaid LM980 Classic Self-Cleaning Litter Box is programmed to clean up for you.How it WorksThe LitterMaid Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box automatically cleans your pet’s litter box, scooping the waste into a sealed, disposable receptacle while a carbon filter activates to absorb and remove odors. Timed dual-motion sensors activate ten minutes after your cat finishes use to quickly and efficiently clean the cat’s waste with our new, quieter than ever functioning- or, you can choose to set

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